Hearts & Horses Horse Academy – Rosentorp Ranch

Do you want to immerse yourself in horse psychology, cooperation between horses & humans & become the partner your horse dreams of?

The Horse Academy is your Go-To school for learning to become a true partner with your horse!
Come study in a place that is set-up to give you everything you need and more to learn horse psychology, horse development, training for specialized subjects and get some serious personal development as an added bonus.

You will become part of our family of like-minded horse people all focused on getting better and making a difference in the world.

You will be living and working on the ranch while you are here and together with not just your own horse but all the horses and other students at the ranch. So your experience will be truly unique and priceless because not one day or week or month is the same at Rosentorp Ranch.

What will be part of your experience guaranteed:

  • Lessons and knowledge regarding your own horsemanship and the relationship with your own horse.
  • Experience developing and rehabilitating many different horses and problems.
  • Growth through responsibility and opportunity with our entire herd of horse as well as the horses coming to us for training, rehabilitation or re-naturalization.
  • Personal strength and development through the immersive nature of the education and living on the ranch.
  • A backpack full of inspiration and wisdom to take yourself further on your own journey with horses.

There are 2 different path you can take on
The Horse Academy.


Choose this path to grow yourself & your horse towards the relationship you want!


Choose this path if you have professional goals & dreams.
Become an Equipreneur!

This is what you get:

  • Learn to develop horses
  • Build your partnership stronger
  • Learn to become a true partner
  • Become a better learder for horses
  • Learn to handle different problems
  • Experiences from different horses
  • A truly memorable expereince

This is what you get:

  • Everything from the Personal Path
  • Learn to teach people
  • Learn to rehabilitate horses
  • Learn to specialize horses
  • Learn to build a business for yourself
  • Learn to become a leader
  • Learn to manage a herd of horses

Price for coming to the ranch – Personal Path

5000SEK/week – 15000Sek/month (Food & board not included)

Price for coming to the ranch – Professional Path

50.000sek total – come as many times you want! (FOOD & BOARD NOT INCLUDED)

If you choose the Professional Path, you get access to the full curricullum and can study in your own time and at home if you want to. There is a minimum requirement of 3 months in total that you have to spend on the ranch, if you want to graduate and get a diploma as an Equipreneur. But you can also choose to come as much as you like until you are finished.
Price can be split over several payments!

Please contact us if you want to come to and study at The Horse Academy.