Do you feel that your horse needs some expert help?

You can send your horse to us for one month or more to have us educate and start him or her with the saddle and in riding. We offer a qualitative and long-term education of young horses and so-called “problem horses” for private people as well as companies.

With over 20 years of experience starting over 1000´s of horses with permanent and guaranteed results, your young horse will be in the most capable hands with me and my team of specialists. What makes us special is that every horse gets it´s own tailormade education and development plan and all development is based on horse psychology and true cooperation with humans. We give every horse, positive and very effective tools and skills as well as the best start to riding, in order to have a sustainable, safe and cooperative riding future. No matter the discipline or level of ambition.

We will help you with developing your horse to be a better partner for you.

We are specialized in things like:

  • Starting young or inexperienced horses
  • Developing cooperation and a mental agility in the horse.
  • Getting more harmony in riding
  • Getting your horse off to a good start in the ground training
  • Western performance or show jumping performance.

What we do when we start the young horses is to get them in a learning frame of mind and teach them to be cooperative and thinking constructively and we teach them to take responsibility. Then we teach the horses to truly accept the equipment we put on such as the saddle and the bit. We also teach the horse to accept the rider fully and the teaching them to understand the guidance and cooperation from the saddle.

So every horse will learn how to go through all types of yields in riding and also all three gaits (walk, trot & canter)
We will even do early specialized training such as teaching your show jumping horse to know how to “hunt the jump” from the ground and maybe in riding (depending on the individual horses physique).

Or your cow horse to be really good at synchronizing and following the cow.

Price pr. month – 10.000 SEK (Minimum 1 month, tax included)

(Not Including, hay, stall and pasture)

You can choose to have your horse together with our herd to get the full social and natural benefits, such as inner harmony, natural respect and a healthy social behavior. We highly recommend this in young horses to get a natural stability and also get naturally stimulated from the other horses. We are always making sure that the horses safety and well being is taken well care of.

You can also choose to have your horse staying in its own 10mx30m pasture andshelter where hay will be included. An additional price for that is 2000kr./month. If your horse needs extra food, you can either purchase what we are giving our horses or you can bring your own.
(We use Flourish and St. Hippolyt)

You will get updated on the process during the horses stay here, but we prefer that you are attending as much as possible.
We will both sign a contract with requirements and agreements before the work starts.

We are NOT liable for any injuries the horse aquires by being at my facility.