Do you want to give your new born foal the best start to life?

Instead of following the normal or traditional way of just leaving the foal alone for several years and then all of a sudden, everything needs to happen at once. Then you can get your foal imprinted right from the start.

  • You can have me teach your foal to follow without a halter on and saving his fragile neck.
  • I can teach your foal to be confident and feel completely safe around people and things such as plastic bags, rope, tarps and other “scary” objects.
  • I can teach your foal to feel safe in the trailer so you will never have to worry about loading him for the rest of your life
  • Imprinting will activate the foals thinking and cooperative mental state, which will help with all future learning.
  • I can teach your foal to allways cooperate with the farrier or the veterinarian and be calm and confident with such things.
  • With the imprint training your horse will from the very get go, recieve the tools and knowledge to make all training and riding much easier. From accepting the saddle, to acceptining the rider and the guidance from its back.
  • And much much more……

There are endless benefits to having your foal imprint trained and I can give you 3 ways of getting it.

I come to you and your horses for 1 full day! (5 up to hours)

4000sek + 5sek/km travel to & from

Your mare & foal come to me for a week!

8000sek (feeding not included)

You learn it yourself with my online course! (Not Available Yet)

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