Born in Denmark in 1985 Mikkel Eron Angel Oster lived a very happy life and a also very active life.
Daily trips to the forest with his dog or playing sports, climbing trees or whatever he could put his mind to, gave him an early education in pain, failure, mistakes and also a lot of personal successes through a healthy solitude, creativity and ambitions.
Going through his teens it became more specified with elite handball and working in a restaurant.
What he subconsiously got into, was a subtle education in personal and professional leadership, working with and within a team as well as striving for a high and natural quality in everything. He also got fascinated and very interested in firstly, his own behavior and how to shape it naturally, but then started to observe other peoples behaviors and gathered a truly unique level of knowledge and understanding about it.

Another thing that happened and came to be one of the greatest influencers in his life was a severe injury in his back playing handball. It ended his future career as a professional athlete from one day to another and put him on a path of self-destruction, which ultimately led to a serious overweight, near depression and semi-homeless lifestyle. But that can also work as a great motivator, which it did for Mikkel….

One of Mikkel´s core values is to make a difference in the world creating happier relationships between horses and humans!

With that motivation he put himself on a path of personal development, decided to become a cowboy and found mentors who could help guide him become the person he wanted to be.
Both personally and professionally, with horses and as a teacher. 
Mentors such as Jan Friis Mikkelsen, Rex Maughan, Jim Rohn, Linda Parelli, Cesar Millan, Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Pat Parelli and many more… Not to forget all the horses he has had in his life, whom are the greatest of his teachers.

In 2008 Mikkel founded Hearts & Horses and over a span of 20 years, has been educating and lecturing about true and natural cooperation between horses and humans, with a simple focus on personal leadership development in the human and the horse, understanding horse psychology and creating a natural and effective communication.
He has through the years, helped over 30000+ students to learn how to really develop and educate their own horses and to create a happy partnership.
As a self-proclaimed Horse Psychologist, Mikkel is also specialized in trauma treatment and rehabilitation of horses with mental and emotional trauma and psychological issues.
His big passion is raising foals to be the best partners for humans, teaching students to become the best partners for their horses and developing his own four-legged partners to become a true unit with him.

Mikkel is a viking in his blood and body, a cowboy in his heart and an indian (Sioux) in his soul.

Mikkel´s way of teaching is always entertaining, very logical, and easy to understand. It is transformational and eye-opening as well as very effective with any horse and any student. He takes you from exactly where you are and within minutes, you are transformed and transported to a higher level of knowledge, understanding and effectiveness within your self, your horsemanship and your relationships.
Even if your experience with horses is limited, you can easily become captivated and engrossed in their world.

By simply spending a few hours listening and learning, you’ll walk away with a wealth of knowledge that just makes sense.