Do you want to learn how you and your horse can move on and progress?

Sometimes we can get stuck in our träning or in our relationship. We can feel that we dont know the next step or we simply just need some outside eyes and perspectives on what we are doing at the moment.
Then a lesson is exactly the thing you need. A focused time with just you and your horse.

Mikkel is a masterful teacher and he helps you with exactly the thing you and your horse needs at that moment.

Lovisa & Haukur

If you have some friends who also want some help and you want to have a group lesson then of course we can do that. It can be very helpful to have some people to lean on when things are not going as they should.

Price for a Lesson 1:1 or Group:

1000SEK/hour + 5sek/km travel to & from (Groups can split the travel casts)

You can also come to my ranch and get a lesson if you want to.

Do you need help now?

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation that requires more than we know or can do. This is just the kind of situations that I can come and assist you in.

An emergency would be things like:

  • Trailer Loading where you have to move the horse
  • Your horse wont get caught in the pasture
  • Your horse is aggressive and has become dangerous to you and other people
  • You need to have the horse checked by a veterinarian and he is not in a frame of mind to do so.

If the above situations fit your situation then feel free to give me a call and I will do everything I can to come and help you and your horse.

Price for an Emergency Assignment:

2000SEK/hour + 5sek/km travel to & from

Call this number for an emergency: 0761842123

For booking fill in the contact form below