Do you feel that your horse needs some expert help?

You can send your horse to me for one month or more to have me rehabilitate or develop him or her.
I can help you and your horse with Trauma rehabilitation or emotional fitness.
If your horse has trouble with things like:

  • Loading in the trailer
  • Getting “caught” in the pasture or stall
  • Being touched or lifting the feet
  • Trouble with veterinarian care
  • Bathing and clipping
  • Fear of things around them
  • Sadling & mounting
  • Tense or nervous
  • Aggressive or dangerous behavior
  • Etc…

I can also help you with developing your horse to be a better partner for you.

I am specialized in things like:

  • Starting young or inexperienced horses
  • Developing cooperation and a mental agility in the horse.
  • Getting more harmony in riding
  • Getting your horse off to a good start in the ground training
  • Western performance or show jumping performance.

Price pr. month – 10.000 SEK (Minimum 1 month)

(Extra feed, veterinarian, hoof work etc. not included)

Your horse will be living together in my big herd, in a large pasture and get daily training by me and my team. You will get updated on the process, but I prefer that you are attending as much as possible.
We will both sign a contract with requirements and agreements before the works starts. We are NOT liable for any injuries the horse aquires by being at my facility.