Does your horse feel out of harmony and away from its natural state?

You can send your horse to me for one month or more to have me and my herd of horses help him or her to find peace, balance and harmony. To get back to nature and start living like a horse again.

Many domesticated horses live in an environment that is very un-natural for them and they have a lifestyle that takes them further and further away from what they naturally are born to be.

With a Re-Naturalization your horse can get the following benefits:

  • Finding an inner peace and harmony within themselves
  • Re-learining or reminding themselves about how to be a horse and how to socialize as a horse with other horses.
  • Getting more harmony with humans and in a human made environment.
  • Getting a true and stabile relaxation and balance in their emotions
  • Gain more confidence within themselves, with other horses and with humans.

Price pr. month – 5.000 SEK (Minimum 1 month)

(Extra feed, veterinarian, hoof work etc. not included)

Your horse will be living together in my big herd, in a large pasture with a diverse environment. Me and my team will be with your horse daily but we will only do some training/handling a couple of days during the week. You will get updated on the process, but I prefer that you are attending as much as possible.
We will both sign a contract with requirements and agreements before the works starts. We are NOT liable for any injuries the horse aquires by being at my facility.