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In this course you get expert knowledge on horse psychology, horse behavior and how to form an effective and positive cooperation with your horse.

I will even show you how to create a working language with your horse both from the ground and in the saddle. A language you can use to educate and develop your horse to become your dream partner.
In this course you will get access to what I call MT -Meaningfull Training which put emphasis on gentle handling and development of your horse so you become independent of tools, fancy techniques and complicated methods…

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Discover the 3 main things we need to know to become great partners!

How to apply the theory from the ground before riding!

Safety tips and how to create a language from the saddle and how to use that language!

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Come and meet us at one of our clinics or Masterclasses or check out some of our offers here! Everything is focused on empowering you to become the best partner for your horse and have a happier relationship in the future.

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We have an online education that can do the job for you. Many hours of video lessons with several different horse, subjects and issues. Theory about horse psychology and cooperation-based horse development and training.

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